Wide-Angle Blurs in Broad Daylight

Creating images with motion blur can be a great deal of fun. But what about in broad daylight with clear blue skies? Yes, of course, a neutral density filter makes this possible.

But what about when you’re using a wide-angle lens? Now what? Sure, you can just buy a big filter and hold it in front of the lens, but what fun is that?

Fortunately, there’s now a great solution for photographers who want to enjoy all the benefits of filters and filter holders for their wide-angle lenses. And I had a chance to play around with this new solution recently, capturing wide-angle captures in Times Square under clear blue skies, with nice slow shutter speeds.


The “trick”, so to speak, is still an extremely large filter. But if you’ve ever employed the “hold a filter by hand in front of the lens” technique, you know the results can be a bit mixed. If the filter is not held perfectly flush with the front of the lens, you’ll quite likely end up with various artifacts in your images, caused by reflections bouncing back and forth between the filter and the lens.

WideAngleNDFilterOf course, anytime you’re using a filter there’s a risk of some artifacts caused by reflections, especially if the sun is in the frame. But your results will be much better if the filter is flush with the lens.

Enter the WonderPana system from Fotodiox. This is a system consisting of a variety of different filters, including neutral density, polarizer, graduated neutral density, and other options. But the cool part is the mounting system. With WonderPana we finally have a good solution for attaching filters to wide-angle lenses.

Not all lenses are supported, but many popular wide-angle lenses will work with the WonderPana system, and that list will surely grow over time.

You can check out the Essentials kit for the WonderPana system on the Fotodiox website here:


And of course you can find the full range of filter options and other products from Fotodiox on their main website here:


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4 Responses to Wide-Angle Blurs in Broad Daylight

  1. sally says:

    Hey Tim,
    Sounds like a cool product but would I be wrong in thinking you’re getting paid to endorse it

    • Tim Grey says:

      Sally – You would indeed be wrong in thinking I got paid for the endorsement. I do not provide paid endorsements for any products or companies, unless you count endorsing myself. ;-)

      At times a company will allow me to keep the products they let me try out, but that wasn’t even the case with the WonderPana system. I saw the product at PhotoPlus late last year in New York, thought the product looked cool, and asked if they could send me a setup so I could test it out. They sent it to me, I checked it out, and I sent it back.

      I do appreciate your concern about biased endorsements that are paid for. But I don’t do them. That’s the same reason I don’t accept any paid advertising in Pixology magazine (http://www.pixologymag.com). This digital magazine features entirely advertising free content that is only biased by my own opinions. :-)


  2. Great response. Tim you are one of the most credible sites I know and trust.

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