The New Art of Photographing Nature with Art Wolfe

TNAPNCoverI am happy to announce that a new book I’ve worked on with world-renowned photographer Art Wolfe is now available. The new book is called “The New Art of Photographing Nature“, and it is a complete revision of Art’s original “The Art of Photographing Nature”.

The original “Art of Photographing Nature” was co-authored by Art Wolfe and Martha Hill, the former photo editor of Audubon magazine. That edition of the book became a popular resource for landscape and nature photographers. Now updated based on the latest technological developments, and with many new images, “The New Art of Photographing Nature” is, I think, a tremendously worthwhile update.

And of course, my involvement in this book project was more than just making sure everything was updated for a digital world. I also added a series of sidebars throughout the book, addressing some of the key issues photographers have to contend with, and the key concepts that should be understood.

So, if you’d like to learn from one of today’s leading photographers, a photo editor with valuable insights, and my perspective on the latest technology and workflow issues, I think you’ll enjoy this informative book. You can order your copy of “The New Art of Photographing Nature” through Amazon (with both a print and Kindle edition available) here:

About Tim Grey

Tim Grey is in the business of making photographers smarter and happier. He is the author of more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, has written hundreds of magazine articles, and publishes the Ask Tim Grey e-mail newsletter as well as the Pixology digital magazine. He also speaks at a variety of events and leads photography workshops around the world.
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2 Responses to The New Art of Photographing Nature with Art Wolfe

  1. Curt Norton says:

    Hi Tim,
    Just bought the book ‘The New Art of Photographing Nature’. Look forward to reading it. I saw your post on G+ which lead me to buy it. I also receive your daily newsletter which is very helpful. I’m a big fan of yours.
    Thanks for the book


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