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MaineMediaMany of you know that I’ve become a big (OK, huge) fan of Maine Media Workshops. I’ve taught there for the past two years, and will be returning in 2013. In fact, if it is up to me, I’ll be going back every summer to teach a workshop there, because the experience is so great.

One of the things I think is so cool about the summer program at Maine Media Workshops is the Young Artists Workshops. It is always great seeing young photographers and videographers around campus, and it is always remarkable to see their work at the big event at the end of each week.

I’m far from young. I don’t even remember what young felt like. But if I was young, I’d be begging for the opportunity to participate in one of the Young Artists Workshops at Maine Media. They’re that cool. In fact, last year I had the opportunity to mentor a young (and incredibly talented) photographer who had just attended a Young Artist Workshop at Maine Media, and I can assure you the reviews were stellar.

So, if you know any promising young photographers between the ages of 14 and 17, recommend that they consider spending part of their summer at Maine Media Workshops. Perhaps you can even help make a photographic dream come true for a young photographer who isn’t able to attend on their own. There are scholarships available, but I’ll bet there are many great camera clubs out there with members who would be happy to contribute to help make a summer photography dream come true for a talented young photographer.

If you do know such a photographer, or if you do help make their dream come true, please let me know.

And if you’ve already enjoyed the experience of spending time at Maine Media Workshops, feel free to share the details below. Or share stories of young photographers who ought to go.

You can learn more about the Young Artists Workshops at Maine Media Workshops here:

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5 Responses to Young Artists at Maine Media

  1. Kelsey Floyd says:

    As a past teaching assistant for Maine Media’s youth photo program, I whole-heartedly agree with all of what Tim has said. I was blown away by the level of talent that my students had, their energy is contagious, and it’s overall an incredibly fun learning environment. Not to mention the instructors are beyond cool, crazy informative, and truly want the best experience possible for their students.

  2. Tim Grey says:

    Kelsey – Thanks very much for helping to underscore what a great program this is!


  3. Tim Grey says:

    It has also just been brought to my attention that gift certificates are available through the Maine Media Workshop, making it easier than ever to help a young photographer attend a great workshop in Maine.


  4. Sally Arata says:

    Dear Tim, you are so right when you emphasize the fabulous experience for young photographers at Maine Media. We at the Eastern Maine Camera Club have worked hard to send two teens to study there with our Frank Howd scholarship. Our major fund raiser is selling raffle tickets on a hand made quilt.

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