You Think You Know Color?

AdvancedColorCorrection.jpgDo you think you know color? I mean really know color? If you’re like most photographers I talk to on this subject, the answer may very well be a resounding “no”.

If that’s the case, I have a great video training course that will help you gain confidence for adjusting color in Photoshop to achieve optimal results. The new title is called (appropriately enough) “Mastering Color Correction in Photoshop”, and as the name implies it is focused on helping you understand color and color adjustments to make the most of your images.

Featuring just over two and a half hours of high-definition video covering a range of topics from configuring Photoshop, understanding color, adjusting basic color, applying targeted color adjustments, and color matching, I think this video course really has color covered. You can even download the images used in each lesson so you can follow along and see the actual results as they are taught.

Even better, if you order now you can save 20% off the normal price for this new video training course. Simply enter COLOR20 in the Coupon Code field during checkout, and 20% will be deducted from your purchase of this title automatically.

You can watch sample videos, get more information, or place your order through my video2brain online store here:

And don’t forget to enter COLOR20 in the Coupon Code field to save 20% off your purchase of this title!

About Tim Grey

Tim Grey is in the business of making photographers smarter and happier. He is the author of more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, has written hundreds of magazine articles, and publishes the Ask Tim Grey e-mail newsletter as well as the Pixology digital magazine. He also speaks at a variety of events and leads photography workshops around the world.
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