Text in Photoshop (Yes, Text!)

Photoshop CS6 Text WorkshopIt sometimes surprises me just how much I use text in Photoshop. I mean, I use text all the time, of course, since I spend so much of my life with fingers tapping away at a keyboard. You know, like right now as I type this blog post. But when I think about Photoshop I think about photos, and when I think about photos, I tend not to think much about text.

And yet, I’ve found many photographers over the years who have wanted to learn more about adding text to their images in a way that looks nice. From basic text attributes to presenting an image within text, I find that many photographers have an interest in better understanding how to put text to use in Photoshop.

Now, I’m happy to announce a new video training course to help you learn all about using text in Photoshop. The course is called “Photoshop CS6 Text Workshop“, and it covers everything from the basics of text formatting, the use of text effects, putting an image inside text, and much more. There is 90 minutes of high-definition video, and you can also download the sample images to follow along with as you learn.

And if you order before December 21st you can get 20% off this new video course. Simply enter PSTEXT20 in the Coupon Code field during checkout and the discount will be applied.

To view sample lessons, get more information, or place your order, visit my video2brain online store here:


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Tim Grey is in the business of making photographers smarter and happier. He is the author of more than a dozen books on digital imaging for photographers, has written hundreds of magazine articles, and publishes the Ask Tim Grey e-mail newsletter as well as the Pixology digital magazine. He also speaks at a variety of events and leads photography workshops around the world.
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2 Responses to Text in Photoshop (Yes, Text!)

  1. I want to be able to print a photograph in a specific location and add text to a different specific location on a sheet of printing paper. I may also want to put the text in a box of some kind. Will your video address these needs?

  2. Tim Grey says:

    This video doesn’t specifically address creating a “blank page” layout that includes a photo and text, though that’s just one extra step above and beyond what is already covered in the title…


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