Stalling for Time (Lapse)

There I was, hard at work in the video2brain studios, recording a series of yet-to-be-released video training courses. I had already spent quite a bit of time in the studio, and was ready for a break. And that’s about the time I was covering the Pointilize filter in Photoshop for one of my video lessons. Hmmm, I thought, That’s an interesting preview. I was moving the slider back and forth and it struck me that it might be interesting to create a version of a photo for every one of the 298 possible settings for the Pointilize filter, and then assemble the images into a time-lapse video.

So in the grand tradition of killing time when you’re supposed to be working, I took a brief little break for a creative outlet.

When I assembled the final result I thought, Interesting. Not amazing. Not great. But interesting. And I went back to my work. I think what fascinated me most about this particular little distraction was that it represented a different way of thinking about a time-lapse video, at least for me. Generally I’m focused on capturing a scene in the real world. I’ve sometimes thought about creating a time-lapse of the work I put into a favorite image, and this was sort of a variation on that concept.

Obviously not a video that will win any awards, but a fun little distraction that got me thinking a little bit about what other sort of distractions and creative efforts might actually work well. We’ll see what I can come up with…

If you’d like to learn how to capture and assemble time-lapse videos, you can take a look at my “Time-Lapse Photography Workshop” video course, which is available through my video2brain online store here:

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3 Responses to Stalling for Time (Lapse)

  1. Jim Neely says:

    Interesting concept and well done, as usual.


  2. eljay says:


    Time successfully killed. :)



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