Shadow Dancer Time-Lapse

During the recent Coney Island Photo Walk I co-led along with my buddy Rick Sammon, a couple of models joined us to provide yet more great photo opportunities.

Of course, as a co-leader I was mostly focused on providing tips and guidance, and staying out of the way of the photographers in attendance. So when the group was photographing one of the models in late afternoon light against a blue brick wall, I was off to the side. Intrigued by the shadows, I decided to capture a series of frames. The result was the time-lapse shown here:

(If you’re not able to view the video directly above, you can link to it here:

The thing is, I didn’t actually intend to create a time-lapse video from the frames I captured. All of the frames were captured hand-held, so they didn’t exactly align perfectly. I also only captured a total of 33 frames. That’s a lot considering it was “just” a single subject, but not a lot in the context of a time-lapse video.

To get things started, I needed to align all of the images, which Photoshop fortunately was able to do quickly and easily. I then needed to render all of the individual frames after cropping the result so that all images fell within the final crop. And then I processed the images to create the frames for the time-lapse.

Since this wasn’t a “traditional” time-lapse, instead of using QuickTime Pro 7 to assemble the video, I used Adobe Premiere Elements. With a relatively short image duration and a matching transition, along with some musical accompaniment, I had a result I was happy with.

If you’d like to learn more about creating time-lapse videos using a variety of different tools, take a look at some of the sample lessons and other details for my “Time-Lapse Photography Workshop” video course in my video2brain online store here:

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